Monday, July 05, 2004

Industry leaders predict BI future

Computerworld asked some industry leaders for their boldest predictions about the future of BI tools. I think the most remarkable ones are:
- Over the next four to six years, BI systems will become embedded in small, mobile devices, such as manufacturing sensors and PDAs in the field.
- In the near future, B. leaders will manage by exception, and automated systems will handle significant loads of routine tasks. Today, automated systems in banking match incoming customer requests and inquiries with basic cross-sell and upsell oriented advertising. Over the next five years, these systems will become increasingly complex by considering customer financial status and wealth, transactional history, and even family and B. relationships, to produce complex man/machine interactions that resemble artificial I. The viability of artificial I. to solve real-world problems is being made possible by the convergence of hardware capabilities (faster processors, memory expansion and higher bandwidth) and sophisticated software (neural networks, probability models and rules analysis).
- By 2009, 50% of all insurance underwriting decisions will be automated using data mining technology.
- Over the next three to five years, at least one Fortune 500 company will make a headline-grabbing, multimillion-dollar blunder because of poor data quality or lack of data integration. This will raise awareness that "one version of the truth" can only be achieved when data integration is included as a critical component of a BI implementation.
much more predictions read the article
Here's my own prediction:
By 2030, BI systems will have made human intervention in B. decision-making largely redundant.