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Hi all,

I am new to the forum, also new to BI. I have been working for marketing research agency for quite sometime now i am trying into BI. As i understand Market Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence are 3 major components in Decision Support System, i want to know is there real serious correlation among these components. what i am trying to understand here is how far these field contribute to DSS of any corporation. It can be evaluate better by understanding contribution by BI vs. MI and BI vs. CI and MI vs. CI.

i appreciate your help!


Blogger Tomas said...

Hi, zabb;

The way I see it is that there is a very strong correlation between all three of these components, and I believe that they are often all lumped into the BI category, althouth there are distinctions.
With BI, manage information about your company and find answers to questions concerning things like your company's resources. I'm most familiar with the reporting aspect of this BI and promote the use of easy to use report designers and reporting engine tools like AutoTag and Windward Reports.
With MI, you want to gain intelligence about the behavior of the market so that you can make decisions based on market trends. You would also need information about your company here in order to make those decisions, which is how BI ties in.
with CI, you collect information on competitors that enables you to monitor their behavior and pinpoint their weak/strong points. Since your competitors are a part of the market, CI overlaps with MI, and any decisions you make based on CI will also be influenced by your BI.

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Blogger Zabiulla.S said...

Hi Tomos,
Do you think each of these components which we are talking about require professionals with different background, i understand it requires different skills, but is more pressing is can a professional of MI can also gain expertise in BI as well as in CI, if yes what you think how it can be developed to achieve it?

I also understand these areas are very broad areas to gain expertise but can someone working each of these areas for a while become eligible to quoted as expertise in DSS of a corporation?


3:31 PM  
Blogger Tomas said...

Well, I'm no expert on this, zabb, but I do know that these terms are often lumped together under the term "business intelligence". Also, positions offered to those having business intelligence expertice are often titled "business intelligence analyst" or something similar, so based on that, I think that it's easy to imagine a business intelligence analyst having broad experience with DSS.

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