Monday, December 18, 2006

Skills and Competencies

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas about the types of skills and competencies that are needed by staff at all levels in an organisation that is trying to effectively use information?
I'm talking about Data Steward Roles, Data Management roles etc and even if there are some basic skills that all staff who work with data and information should have. If anyone has got any info or any idea where I could start looking for ideas then I would very much appreciate it. I have got a few ideas but I could definitely do with doing a bit more research into this!
Thank You


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way you phrase your question implies that people need to acquire new skills, when I think what you want to know is how best to utilize the skills that already exist in the organization. In a Business Intelligence initiative, it is important to recruit subject matter experts from within the end-user community to fill roles like data stewardship, as well as to identify the information that will be collected and delivered by the BI system. You need technical people like database managers and software developers to create the systems that collect and manage the data. If the systems deliver the right information, the end-users will know how to use it effectively. It's all in how you structure your project.

The problem with asking such a general question is that you can only get general answers that won't be of much use. If you can focus on a specific issue, I or someone else might be able to provide a more useful answer.

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Blogger Ellie said...

Yes you're right it is far to general a question. I was just testing the water as I wasn't sure if people were still posting on here as the last post I could see was from March last year, plus I need to clarify in my own head whatit is I actually need to know!We're at the very start of carrying out some work in this area so when I have got it a bit clearer in my head I might post again, something less vague and if you or anybody else has got any ideas I eould very much appreciate a response.

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