Thursday, March 30, 2006

Scorecards and Dashboards For Contact Centre

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Scorecards and Dashboards For Contact Centre:
According to Harvard Business Review, the Balanced Scorecard concept is the most influential management idea in the past 75 years. The performance of an organization is tracked against four key perspectives such as Finance, Customers, Internal Processes and finally Learning, Innovation and Growth. These perspectives are divided into multiple sets of Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) and grouped against these perspectives and further broken from top level to the employee level KPIs.

Companies are globally moving towards implementing enterprise wide organizational Balanced Scorecard. Simplicity, personalization and empowerment are the keys while building Agent Dashboards. These goals are achieved through the application of Business Intelligence ( BI ) concepts. A contact center performance is an aggregation of every agent performance.

An Agent should be able to customize and get the unified view of the aggregated metrics and track them on daily basis. How much he has achieved with respect to target? How his performance benchmarked with respect to overall call center performance. Is there performance improvement over a period of time? He can drill down and see which particular KPI is bringing his overall score down and he can see how he has or has not been able to improve his performance over a period of time.

A Supervisor should be able to see how agents reporting to him are performing. His Dashboard should show an aggregated score of all his agents and simultaneously showing tabular information of comparative scores of all agents working under him. He can drill down on agent score who are not performing well. He can see individual KPIs of agents and study whether there are improvements over a period of time under the respective KPI.

A Manager would like to see dashboards of aggregated scores of supervisors on weekly basis rather than daily basis. He can drill down till agent’s individual KPI level if he desires. A manager could also drill down against different channels and see the performance of different supervisors under different channels.

A Call Center Head would like to see the aggregated performance of his senior managers and across channels and will be interested to track performance against KPIs on monthly basis. He can drill down from manager level right up to the agent level and their individual KPIs to see where the actual pains are located.

A Quality Manager would like to see how agents are performing against quality related KPIs. He would further like to analyze poor performing KPIs against type of service requests, type of channel and may be against important set of clients so that specific training programs could be designed for specific sets of agents rather than a plane blanket approach where every one is trained for everything.

In all the performance metrics could be analyzed against multiple dimensions such as channels customers, type of services, location etc. Users down the line are empowered to analyze the data and able to get operational and strategic insights. Hundreds of variants of Dashboards and Reports could be created from a simple single user friendly interactive interface

All above could be simply achieved through web browser and single user interactive interface. Every person in the organization can personalize the dashboard or reports from this single user interface. The power of analysis is coupled into the reporting and dashboard. It is this Business Intelligence capability that creates the unique customer experience in getting the insights of business.