Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Has anyone worked in BI?

Hi All,

I would like to know whether any person in this forum has actual experience with BI. I would like to know how BI has influenced the decision making process in your experience. Thanks for your replies.



Blogger Deepak Sabita said...

I am working as a junior consultant BI in TechAxes.This is a BI product company from India.Well a complete BI suit helps a lot in decision making by providing following features:-
Multidimensional Analysis
Data Mining
Business Analysis
Querying & Reporting
Knowledge Management
Balance Scorecard Preparation
Digital Dashboard Preparation
Enterprise Portal Implementation

Business intelligence involves the integration of core information with relevant contextual information to detect significant events and illuminate cloudy issues. It includes the ability to monitor business trends, to evolve and adapt quickly as situations change and to make intelligent business decisions on uncertain judgments and contradictory information. It relies on exploration and analysis of unrelated information to provide relevant insights, identify trends, discover opportunities, take proactive decisions and create value.

I hope this will help u to understand how BI help in Decision Making.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want examples of BI in compaies, you need to look at Business Week, about 2-3 weeks ago. They had a whole section dedicated to examples of BI in business.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous idpt0000 said...

Hi, I am an IT developer in a financial institution. In my point of view, BI is just a buzzword created by the vendor. Except Data mining, BI serves exactly the same functions as the DSS (decision support system) inthe old days. For me, it is the tools to shown business user the report that they want (in form of graphs, dashboard, tables...). Of course, all these info would affect the decision made by those business users.

For data mining, it is a separate field, which helps "discovering" new findings, which nobody konws before.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Dale said...


Business Intelligence is a marketing term for systems that assist in acquiring business information.

Everytime you go over a sales report, you're doing BI in one way or another.

I'm in the BI arena for almost 10 years and have seen BI in many shapes and forms - from tiny, custom made BI apps to huge enterprise wide BI systems.

From my experience - BI software succeeded in bringing what one may call "trivial" business information to the decision maker much faster.

On the other hand, it failed in participating IN the decision making. Most decision makers use BI to look for trends, but eventually make their decisions out of their own experience and instincts.

"BI for the common people..."

11:03 PM  
Blogger Bijoy Raj Guha said...


I am technical writer with 5yrs years of core experience in Instructional designing and Presales. I am Six Sigma Green Belt with ITIL V3 foundation certified. Wish to take up a career in Business Intelligence. Please guide me from where should I shart.

With Regards
Bijoy Raj Guha

2:07 PM  
Blogger EiriaTem said...


i'm the author and responsable of Swing BI Suite (Swing Dashboard, Swing Report ...), built upon Talend/JBoss(or other J2EE server)/BIRT.

My experiences show that in most cases, BI tools help the head of a company to drive activities. I think, BI is "just" a metrics system, to forecast, to alert...

Eventually, Data mining or analytical tools or forensic tools allow to find the unexpected which might modify a process.

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