Monday, March 14, 2005

Outsourcing Innovation

Today, the likes of Dell, Motorola, and Philips are buying complete designs of some digital devices from Asian developers, tweaking them to their own specifications, and slapping on their own brand names. It's not just cell phones. Asian contract manufacturers and independent design houses have become forces in nearly every tech device, from laptops and high-definition TVs to MP3 music players and digital cameras.
First came manufacturing. Now companies are farming out R&D to cut costs and get new products to market faster. Are they going too far?
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My name is Kunwar. I am a full time postgraduate student at University of Warwick, UK. I am currently pursuing a research project which explores the impact of outsourcing of innovation on the various uncertainties of the innovation process.

I have read your blog entry, and am hopeful you shall be able to guide me on this topic a bit more. I am currently looking for relevant literature like the BW article and also for companies who have outsourced innovation to study as cases for my research.

I shall be highly obliged if you can guide me on the above.

Thanks in advance,

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