Monday, November 01, 2004

Simulation in BI

Imagine yourself running through your own simulated B., trying to take intelligent decisions and maneuvering through increasingly competitive landscapes, in a way like a DOOM or QUAKE or a racing game. If you take poor decisions you will see the way your company suffers; if you invent and implement the right strategies you'll get a promotion, your company's shareholder value will increase and of course your difficulty level will be increased.

If this sounds like too far-fetched for you, you might be wrong. A survey conducted by Chief Learning Officer showed 55% of respondents are already using simulations in their corporation for workforce education. Over 80% of respondents have either acquired or developed simulations.

Looking at these figures, you might be wondering if BI simulations have already become mainstream? Well, less than a third of those surveyed said simulations had impacted their organizational learning processes to a significant degree so the answer to this question is NO.
Why? The reasons for B. Simulation still being a Brave New World field include:
  • the high cost of creating simulations
  • lack of organizational infrastructure
  • scarcity of quality products and services
  • deficiency of management-level comprehension on B. simulation

Despite of these obstacles, no less then 83 percent of the respondents currently using simulations expect an increase in the use of these tools in the next two years.

Like any major innovation in the past, the adoption of BI simulation probably will take longer than expected, but its impact will also most likely be much bigger than anticipated. Making sure your company is amongst the early adopters would seem advisable.